Charcoal and Pastel Sets


This set of Jakar Earth Colour Soft Pastels brings you twelve non-toxic round chalk pastels in a range of browns, greens and oranges that’s ideal for landscapes. These are quality pastels at a very good price. These pastels are soft, but not too soft. They are nowhere near as firm as other more expensive pastels such as those from Conte a Paris and so they don’t give the same level of definition. However, Jakar Soft Pastels glide across paper more easily and blend with other chalks and pastels beautifully. They are also a great alternative to traditional charcoal as they don’t snap or disintegrate easily. Soft pastels are popular with artists of all abilities and of all ages. It’s easy to see their appeal: they let you apply pigment straight onto the surface without a brush, so they’re wonderfully immediate, and you can smudge or blend them simply using your fingers. Don’t forget that when you’re working with soft chalk pastels you’ll usually need a fixative to preserve your finished work.



Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 2 cm

Earth Colour Pastels, White Set Pastels, Colours Pastels, Assorted Grey Charcoals, Black Charcoals

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