Handy Stamp


A brand new stamp experience. There are some small gaps in the gestures. Simply draw a pen and add a paragraph of text to form a very complete illustration to use!  At first glance, the hand seal is not different from the general gesture-themed seal, but a closer look reveals that there are always gaps and discontinuous lines in the hand seal gesture. This is not a flaw in the production, nor is it not properly stamped when stamped, but the special design of the stamp.

Take the hand-held object as an example-for example, holding a pen or holding a cup. In fact, part of your hand is hidden by the object and cannot be seen. Anyone who has painted should know this. For people who often draw pictures, this may not trouble him, but it is not the case for ordinary people. Therefore, our hand seal pre-empts “the place where the hand is covered when taking things”. The empty place allows you to freely express your creativity, draw any object, and form a small illustration with a very high degree of completion.

Stamp size: 2cm x1.3cm x 4.5cm, made in Taiwan



Additional information

Weight .003 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 2 × 1.3 cm

Paper, Pen

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