Kaweco LILIPUT Fountain Pen Brass


The brass fountain pen is particularly sustainable. It is made entirely in Germany from the well-known eco brass and only has to go through very short transport routes. The brass used is lead-free and, as it is untreated, an individual patina develops over time through use.

With 9.7 cm when closed, only 8.7 cm when open and 12.5 cm with the cap screwed on, the Liliput is one of the smallest fountain pens in the world.

It is available in selected materials that give this minimalist model versatility. From light aluminium for on the go, to copper and brass, which develop a unique patina over time, this fountain pen leaves nothing to be desired.

All springs are made in Germany.

Note: This raw material will discolour over time with use!

Additional information

Weight .14 kg
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 2 cm


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