Tombow IROJITEN Colour Pencils – Singles


The first IROJITEN colour pencil was sold in Japan as early as 1988.  For a long time, only the eponymous sets had been available in Europe.  Now, the colour pencils are also for individual sale.  You can acquire the IROJITEN colour pencils in 100 colours, including extraordinary pastel and neon shades.  They are wax-based so you can create precise lines and details.  For even more colour variety, you can blend the IROJITEN colour pencils together by applying the colours on top of each other. Ideal for illustrations, bullet journaling, urban sketching and mandalas.

The word “IROJITEN” is Japanese and means colour encyclopedia. It is the perfect name for a pencil that is released in nine beautiful hardcover-like volumes .  All pencils come in a stylish creamy white finish and their end piece corresponds with the lead colour.

IROJITEN are not waterproof.


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P1 Orchid Pink, P2 Coral Pink, P3 Shell Pink, P4 Narcissus, P5 Lettuce Green, P6 Ice Green, P7 Aqua, P8 Forget Me Not Blue, P9 Lilac, P10 Pigeon Gray, V1 Cherry Red, V2 Tangerine Orange, V3 Dandelion, V4 Chartreuse Green, V5 Parrot Green, V6 Peacock Blue, V7 King Fisher, V8 Lapis Lazuli, V9 Iris Violet, V10 Ivory Black, D1 Crimson, D2 Chestnut Brown, D3 Autumn Leaf, D4 Maple Sugar, D5 Olive Yellow, D6 Elm Green, D7 Forest Green, D8 Midnight Blue, D9 Mulberry, D10 Taupe, P11 Rose Pink, P12 Apricot, P13 Gamboge, P14 Straw Yellow, P15 Spring Green, P16 Mint Green, P17 Turquoise, P18 Celeste Blue, P19 Hyacinth Blue, P20 Crocus, D11 Plum, D12 Maroon, D13 Terra Cotta, D14 Bamboo, D15 Mustard, D16 Moss Green, D17 Cactus Green, D18 Spruce, D19 Teal Blue, D20 Indigo, LG1 Fawn, LG2 Cork, LG3 Sallow, LG4 Wax Yellow, LG5 Willow, LG6 Mist Green, LG7 Quartz Green, LG8 Porcelain Blue, LG9 Campanula Blue, LG10 Sea Fog, F1 Plastic Pink, F2 Surprise Red, F3 Equatorial Orange, F4 Sunset Orange, F5 Sazzling Sun, F6 Firefly Yellow, F7 Lightning Yellow, F8 Neon Green, F9 Flash Green, F10 Vigorous Green, VP1 Cameo Pink, VP2 Almond Blossom, VP3 Ecru, VP4 Eggshell, VP5 Asparagus, VP6 Opal Green, VP7 Cascade, VP8 Horizon Blue, VP9 Lupine, VP10 Verbena, DL1 Cedarwood, DL2 Cinnamon, DL3 Oil Yellow, DL4 Sage Green, DL5 Verdigris, DL6 Hummingbird, DL7 Jay Blue, DL8 Hydrangea Blue, DL9 Heather, DL10 Tyrian Purple, EX1 Scarlet, EX2 Yolk Yellow, EX3 Scouring Rush, EX4 Deep Sea, EX5 Wild Grape, EX6 Anemone Pink, EX7 Peony Pink, EX8 Russet Brown, EX9 Sepia, EX10 Silver Gray



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